What can I tell you about my lessons ?

All my swimming lessons have considerable planning and thought put into them. All children are different but all respond to enthusiasm from the teacher. 

In the early lessons I use lots of activities that might not seem to have much to do with swimming. They have been put together over many years and are added to on a weekly basis. One of my best sources of ideas are the children,  who continually come up with something new.

When the children are completely confident in the water, will happily put their face in, swim on their back and swim without an attached float, I start the stroke work. All my practices are based on scientific principles (I have a Bsc), many are homegrown, and are primarily focused on reducing resistance rather than using brute force.

I teach an age range from 2 to 16. I teach abilities from complete begginers who would bob around in arm bands (if you let them) to teenagers who would make good club swimmers but wish to swim with me to maintain good aerobic levels of fitness as well as good technique. I teach terrified children who need time, to bright eyed kids who just need guidance. 

I am regularly asked if I use the National Plan for Teaching of Swimming. No I don’t.

I have a copy and think it makes sense if you are not sure of your ability to plan a progressive and effective swimming scheme. I prefer to teach the child and not a plan. I do not spend the lesson ticking boxes on a form.  I do not hold children back if they can’t perform a skill that I know will come through maturity.

I currently have lessons at 

Crownhill (my house)


My house at Crownhill has a 10 meter pool which we have redeveloped. 

01752 515596

Synchronised diving team under training !!!!


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