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Frequently asked questions

How much are lessons?

Lessons are £6 paid in blocks of 6. If lessons are missed they need to be paid for, although I will make every effort to give a catch up lesson if requested. 

How long are the lessons ?

The lessons are 30 minutes duration at Crownhill, 60 minutes at Marjons. The lessons at Crownhill are quite high tempo and we get a lot done. The lessons at Marjons are a little slower paced as we have longer inn the water . 

How long does it take to learn to swim ?

I can get some kids to do 5 meters or even more at the end of their crash course, but this is totally reversible. Key Stage 2 requires 25 meters and I would suggest this is the absolute minimum you should aim for. This won't have any great stroke content though.

The first stroke most kids can put together is backstroke and they can do several hundred meters doing backstroke. As they become more proficient they tend to prefer strokes on their front. One year we had a badge session on a Saturday afternoon when a total of 76 miles was swam, of which 2 lengths was on the back by one individual. 5000 meters is the furthest distance we swim, which can take up to 3 hours. Theses swimmers are usually years 4 to 6 and have probably had lessons for a few years.

Why do we have play weeks and play times ?

Play weeks are usually the last week before Christmas and the last week before Summer. These weeks are often poorly attended because so many activities take place at school and other clubs. Swimming is usually the cheapest and most easily missed activity. To help parents, you may come any time (in lesson time) during these weeks. The children enjoy these sessions and it is a little reward for all their hard work. 

Play times also give some of the less confident a chance to try things they might not try in the lessons. Please don’t think its just a play time,  some kids learn that swimming can be enjoyable during playtime.

Do we need goggles?

As soon as we start trying to get the face in please start to think about goggles. They are an integral part of swimming. They keep chemicals out the eyes and, when worn properly, they help the kids concentrate as they haven’t got their eyes screwed up. Please also get them to wear them in the bath or shower.